Friday, June 21, 2013

Review #1534 Also Known As Rowan Pohi by Ralph Fletcher

Review: #1534
Book: Also KNown as Rowan Pohi
Author: Ralph Fletcher
Rating: one star (out of four)
Release date: Nov. 15, 2011
Pages: 199
Publisher: Clarioin
Source: ALA 2011

I didn’t read all of this book, but simply read the first half-ish and then skimmed the rest. I was pretty disappointed with the story. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it going in, but it sounded pretty amusing, so I gave it a shot. From the get-go I was not a fan of Bobby or his weirdly named friends. I thought their lives were dull and unrealistic. Maybe I’m judging them too harshly, but I thought their actions were kind of lame and I didn’t care for their conversations either. It wasn’t nearly as amusing as I had anticipated, especially when Bobby/Rowan actually got into the school and was trying to juggle the two lives he led. It was full of unnecessary drama and didn’t have very many realistic elements. I didn’t care for the way things worked out and I didn’t have a big interest in seeing Bobby/Rowan succeed because I didn’t really like him. I also thought the ending was HIGHLY unrealistic and that was a big turn-off. I had expected something along those lines, but the way it was handled just made me grimace. Not something I’d recommend: the plot, characters, and story left something to be desired.

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