Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review #1525 Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams

Review: #1525
Book: Miles From Ordinary
Author: Carol Lynch Williams
Rating: two stars (out of four)
Release date: Mar. 15, 2011
Pages: 197
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Source: ALA 2012

Poignant. That’s the word that resonated with me after I finished this novel. I liked the story and I thought Williams did a beautiful job of capturing sweetness in some of her characters but still featuring the harsh and compelling core of the novel. It was a pretty heavy topic to handle and Williams did a good job of creating a balance and not making the story too dark. It was a little hard to read some parts, but it wasn’t so gritty or disturbing that I felt uncomfortable.

I liked Lacey and really wanted her to succeed and I was also sad she had to grow up faster than normal and deal with such weighty issues. I wished I could have reached into the story and plucked her out and into a better life. There were a couple of scary moments where I wasn’t sure how things were going to end. I’m glad I read this, but I’m hesitant about recommending it. I don’t think it’s a book for just anyone.

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