Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review #1522 The Moon Over High Street by Natalie Babbitt

Review: #1522
Book: The Moon Over High Street
Author: Natalie Babbitt
Rating: two stars (out of four)
Release date: Mar. 1, 2012
Pages: 148
Publisher: Michael di Capua Books
Source: ALA 2012

There didn’t seem to be much to this story at all. When I finished I briefly pondered if there had been a story at all. It was very simplistic and short. I couldn't get a grasp on the characters and the plot was sparse. I read it in one sitting and while it was a fast and easy read, there didn’t seem to be much substance and shortly after reading I forgot most of the plot. Not something I’d recommend.


  1. Natalie Babbitt was one of my fav. authors as a kid! Maybe her newer stuff isn't as good? :(

  2. Yeah, maybe? I've read a few of her other books, but they weren't favorites.