Friday, May 31, 2013

Review #1493 Dust and Decay by Jonathan Maberry

Review: #1493
Book: Dust and Decay
Author: Jonathan Maberry
Rating: three stars (out of four)
Release date: Aug. 30, 2011
Pages: 519
Publisher: Simon & Schuster for Young Readers
Source: NetGalley

Initial thoughts: I pretty much almost DIED from suspense all the way from page 100 til the end. Truly. I felt like I was going to have a heartache. I was so attached to the characters - I couldn't see how things were going to end, and then things got worse and I simply Could. Not. Put. It Down. To. Save. The. Life. Of. Me. And that ending, man oh man. I mean, it ended well enough, don't get me wrong, but if there was a sequel, I'd be itching to get my hands on it fairly quick. Also, this book and the first one feel more like 4.5 stars....and noted, this book seemed to have more violence and was more disturbing. Also noted, I tagged this book as "dystopia" but that's not really right - it's more like post-apocalyptic thriller...I just put "dystopia" there as a way to remind me to make a new tag. But seeings how I JUST finished it, my mind is still processing and I'll be working on a longer review.

Review: The story picks up right where the first one book left off. Even though I had a lot of questions, I wasn’t annoyed when Maberry took some time answering them. The characters were just as engaging as in Rot and Ruin and I was even more worried about them because the stakes were so much higher! This was a nail-biter of a book...with me sitting on the edge of my seat going, “are they safe? Are they safe NOW? WHAT IS THAT AND WHY DIDN’T I SEE IT COMING?”

I really wanted them to survive and when you’re in a zombie-filled landscape, sometimes the chances don’t look too good. But I thought Maberry did a good job of having them constantly be in danger without it being too unbelievable. There were several parts throughout the book where the author threw things at the characters I hadn’t seen coming and I was so caught up in the story I hardly put it down. I simply had to know how everything would end! It’s an intense tale, but something I think any fans of fantasy/sci-fi/or thriller will enjoy.

It does a good job of giving you glimpses into the humanity of the characters and I found myself really liking them and wishing I could pull them out of the story and hang out. I mean, in most cases I want to go IN the stories and hang out, but I’m going to give a firm NO to jumping into a zombie-infested world. Thanks, but no thanks. Still, I was so vested in the characters and their journey. I feel like I keep repeating this, but the drama and suspense was handled well – without going into overboard. I’d definitely recommend, especially for fans of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Ship Breaker, Divergent, and The Hunger Games – if you like high stakes and love watching drama unfold in seemingly unimaginable ways, this is a series for you.

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