Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review #1452 The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins

Review #1452
The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins
Rating: two stars (out of four)

This book was filled with beetles in all shapes and sizes. It was a pretty good overview of the different types, what they did, and how they functioned. The author was very specific about letting readers know when a beetle was the size portrayed or actually larger or smaller than depicted and that was really helpful. There were black silhouettes throughout the book that showcased the actual sizes of various beetles. In the back there was an index of all the beetles by latin name with page numbers in case you were looking for a specific type. I can easily see someone who loves bettles obsessing over this book. On my part though, I'm not a beetle person. In fact, I'm not a bug person, really. Most things catergorized as creepy and crawly I tend to give a wide birth. Still, this book did a good job of laying out the facts and it was presented in a colorful, informative, and dynamic way. The illustrations were quite impressive. I'd recommend for people who love beetles or love soaking up information about the animal world. It's not a book I'd visit again, but I can see others wearing the pages thin.

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