Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review #1411 Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

Review #1411
Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen
Rating:  two stars (out of four)

I rather enjoyed the illustrations of Extra Yarn. It was really cool to see the carefully knitted illustrations that looked exactly like the purl stitch in knitting. There were a few problems with the book though (this is one of my big petpeeves for books that feature knitting). Very often...people don't realize when you illustrate knitting with the sticks pointed down and the ends in the's physically IMPOSSIBLE for you to actually be knitting. And yet, time and time again you'll see people drawing knitting needles completely the wrong way. Yeah, and a book about yarn nonetheless. Sigh. True, there was only one picture where the girl had the knitting sticks facing the wrong direction, but it was still a sore sight for my knitting eyes. I did LOVE the color of the yarn and how it bright life to the world because everything else was so bleak. It also had some fantasy elements - because there's no way a little girl could knit that much in such a short time span. But the box produced magical yarn, so why not produce magical knitting speeds? But it was a fairly cute book and I'd still recommend. It also won a Caldecott Honor this year!

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