Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review #1408 Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Review #1408
Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Rating: three stars (out of four)

This was such a cool book. I espeically liked how each cutout would bleed into the next page - everything flowed together well. It was fun to see Seeger illustrate one page and then showcase something completely different on the next page. I often found myself turning back the page to see how she had captured a particular drawing with only a simple cut-out. It was marvelous. The different types of greens were also amusing and descriptive. Though I was a little confused about the last couple of pages, those seemed a little out of place compared to the rest of the book. But on the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think children will love seeing the transformations that happen page by page. I was also quite pleased to see that it won a 2013 Caldecott Honor! Definitely a recommend.

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