Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review #1404 Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Reviews #1404
Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri
Rating: two stars (out of four)

I loved the crazy idea of dragons loving tacos but hating spicy salsa because it upset their stomachs. That was pretty hilarious. But be warned, after reading you might crave tacos. I did. I wasn't such a big fan of the illustrations - the style seemed a little unpolished to me.  The author and illustrator bios at the back were pretty fun and I enjoyed seeing how they had incoprorated the feel of the book their bios. While I thought the story was pretty clever and had some amusing bits, it wasn't my favorite. But it's a fairly amusing book and I feel like children would like it. I might recommend.

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