Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Review #1381 Let's go for a Drive by Mo Willems

Book Review #1381
Let's Go for a Drive! by Mo Willems
Rating: three stars (out of four)

I really enjoyed this book! I always like seeing the misadventures/antics/craziness of the Elephant and Piggie books. I liked Gerald's constant revelations of what they would need for their drive and how Piggie would gleefully run off to fetch the new things. I also loved how the book ended; specifically Piggie's clever resolution. Overall this book was entertaining and cute. I vastly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend to old and new fans alike. I was also amused to see not ONE but TWO hidden drawings of The Pigeon. One of my favorite aspects of Mo Willems' books is finding the secretive Pigeon he plants in his books.

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