Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vicious Cycle (of book reading)

This bag describes my life perfectly!
So I kind of have this problem. After I finish a book I have all these thoughts floating through my head: critiques, exasperations, frustrations, and raves and...well, I really, really, really, MEAN to sit down and write these thoughts down while everything is SUPER fresh. But here's the thing - I get distracted! I tell myself that I'll remember and I can go do something else, and before you know it, kabam! I'm reading another book. And even though I do still remember the majority of what I wanted to say, it just isn't the same as my initial-reaction-just-finished-the-last-page-wow-sentiments.

It's kind of a vicious cycle because as soon as I'm reading another book, I want to spend every waking hour finishing it because I can't stand NOT knowing how things end. And since I work full-time and I have an hour long lunch break which I spend reading. And then I'm in the middle of a story when I go back to work and I find myself obsessing over the plot/characters and wondering how things are going to turn out. THEN when I get home, instead of doing what I should be doing I greedily pick up the book I started on my lunch break to continue reading because I can't put it down. And the next day rolls around and I'm reading ANOTHER book on my lunch break. Thus, the cycle. So in the end, I have to physically sit down and make the time to write some reviews. But sometimes it's hard, because I'm itching to get my hands on the next book.

But what about you guys - other book bloggers, book chroniclers, readers, do you have this sort of problem? Any ways you motivate yourself to write down your thoughts?


  1. Yes! I definitely have this problem. One thing that helps is that I do a weekly update on my blog and have status updates on what I'm currently reading. I read a lot of books at once, which slows me down, and going through the updates, I can get a few points that I may have forgotten.

    Also, I give myself a Starburst for every review I write within a week of finishing. That helps. :P

  2. Yes! Motivation by candy, haha!