Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review #1262
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Rating: two stars (out of four)

The title is kind of lame, and I almost didn't read it because of the cheesy title. I was a big fan of the witty banter back and forth and some parts of the book made me laugh out loud. I also thought the characters were pretty well-fleshed out and developed. The story was interesting and wove in all the predicable we-can't-be-together-because-of-this-factor bla bla....the first 2 thirds of the book I immensely enjoyed. I thought it was funny and light-hearted and I was impressed with Anna for seeing she needed to be a friend and that she kept her distance and restrained herself.

Then things slid a little and some things were taken too far (for my standards). And that's when I became disappointed with the characters. I was disappointed in Anna because of the choices she made. I was also disappointed in some of the relationships and how they worked/turned out/were dealt with. The friendships and squabbles near the end of the book kind of bugged me because I felt like they weren't realistic and didn't fit in with the earlier parts of the book at all. I was annoyed with the turn the story had taken.

I was also disappointed in how St. Claire acted. My musings while reading: "Really? You're going to do that?" It made him seem a whole lot less perfect because of the decisions he made and how he treated people. In the beginning I was totally charmed with him, but by the end of the book he had definitely lost a lot of his luster and I wasn't sure I liked him any more. As far as objectional content, in heated scenes people would swear and there's also some sexual content/conversations. It wasn't enough to make me hate the book or anything like that, I just didn't think it was necessary and was slightly annoying.

While this book did have some perks, I was disappointed after the good buildup and I just wished that the people had lived up to their potential. I can't stress how much I wished they had made better choices and done things differently. Sure, it would have made the book shorter, and sure it wouldn't have been as exciting - but I felt like parts of their character were lost and they weren't able to completely regain my trust. Bleh, not a fan.

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