Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Review #1066
Lost in Austen by Emma Campbell Webster
Rating: two stars (out of four)

I loved the premise of this book and I thought it was definitely a riot. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with these kinds of books because I am so inquisitive that I have to find out EVERY SINGLE ENDING. Usually in one sitting. I just can't help myself. I thought it was interesting to read because I know all of the Austen books so well and I thought it was hilarious how the author worked in all the other books. I also made it pretty far on my first try because I knew the story of Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed the author's sarcastic approach to Elizabeth Bennett and I thought most of her remarks were snarky and funny. I also thought it was a neat idea to keep the lists. Some of the endings for the scenarios were a little far-fetched or even outlandish, but they didn't deter me from the book like other Austen spin-offs I've read. I found most of the other endings amusing. There were a couple endings that were absolutely ridiculous and even violent, but I wasn't highly offended, I just scoffed at the outcome. I read this book with many pieces of paper sticking out of the top because I wanted to be able to go back and trace the alternative routes. On the whole, I enjoyed this book and thought it was amusing and comical. I enjoyed seeing other character's from Austen's book come into play and I thought it did a good job of summarizing the rest of the novel's plots and characters. I'd probably recommend to a die-hard Austen fanatic, but I'm not going to be buying this book anytime soon. 

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