Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book Review #820
The Holy Twins by Kathleen Norris, illustrated by Tomie dePaola
Rating: one star (out of four)

I found it hard to believe everything in this book.  I know that they wanted me to take some of the things that happened as fact, but I felt like that was a tad bit misleading.  I did think it was a good concept to tell more about these people from history, but I wasn't overly impressed with how they portrayed their lives.  I wouldn't recommend.


  1. Of course, not every book can please everyone. I find it interesting that you didn't like Tomie DePaola's books about the saints - St. Francis, St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. The trouble might be that you are thinking of these books as biography. These are hagiography - writing about the lives and miracles of people considered to be saints. If there are far fetched elements to their stories, it's because the stories are supposed to be larger than life.

  2. I had not considered that approach. I didn't know that word. It is good information, thanks for your input.