Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Review #776
Wings by Aprilynne Pike
Rating: three stars (out of four)

Initial thoughts: I'm wavering on whether this book is 2 stars, or 3. I can't decide because of the ending, that left me going, "What?! That can't be the ending! No, wait, I'm sure there's more pages..." and realizing that this is probably a series and I am in big trouble because this book was just published 1 month ago.

Review: This book was really intriguing. I liked how the author took an aspect that is pretty common and made it her own. I liked the main character and felt that her struggles were real, they didn't seem fake or forced. The love triangle was interesting as well, I couldn't help but root for David though. I would recommend this book, it is an alternative faerie book set in a contemporary setting.

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