Sunday, May 17, 2009

Book Review #653
The Measure Of A Lady by Deeanne Gist
Rating: one star (out of four)

I wanted to give this book a higher rating, but I just couldn't. There were several things that just didn't bode well and made me slightly uneasy. I did think the story was interesting, I was pretty hooked throughout the whole reading. And I did like the characters, they were pretty entertaining and well-fleshed out. There was also a subtle trace of humor through the book that caught me off guard several times and made me laugh. Here's where the But comes in: But there were several parts of the story that just didn't fit. I felt like the character of Johnnie was a little too nice to be portrayed as this hard man who had lived out there and had not been fully tainted by that style of life. I also didn't like how preachy the main character was and how easily she gave into "temptation" in her views and what she did to remedy her difficult situations. This novel also had some scenes that I'm pretty sure would not have happened in that time period, and that always bugs me. I wished that it had been written differently. I wouldn't recommend.

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