Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Review #626
Wings by E. D. Baker
Rating: two stars (out of four)

I wasn't expecting much of a plot for this story, the cover was intriguing, but not deep.  When the story took some unexpected twists, I was surprised, but pleasantly pleased.  The beginning of the story was nice and all, but it was a lot of background details that could have been neatly edited into a shorter version without loosing much substance.  I was a little annoyed when we had a break in the story and went to a completely different one.  I had liked Jak's character a lot and was interested in finding out more about him, but I did not like the way the author just switched focuses completely and did several chapter's from Jak's point of view.  It was a little abrupt.  I also thought it was kind of interesting how the story started out as a simple little juvenile book and then morphed into what I thought was a young adult fantasy novel.  It didn't flow very well though, and I kind of wished the author had fleshed out more details about the fey.  While I was entertained by this book, I thought it had some flaws.  The disjointed breaks in the story along with the overall uneven cohesiveness made it a little less likeable.  I might recommend this book.

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