Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Review #604
The Swan Maiden by Heather Tomlinson
Rating: two stars (out of four)

I was really into the beginning pages of this book, it had that certain fairy tale feel and I linked it with something written by Shannon Hale.  But then there was a twist in the plot and I knew that the rest of the book would be dealing with that aspect.  I was disappointed with how the story went, and I was almost compelled to take out my laptop and write out the way it should have ended.  I probably would have ended the story in a different spot and I most definitely would have cut out some scenes, which I thought were rather hindering.  It kind of felt like the author was trying to morph several good story ideas into one jam-packed bundle.  But I thought she would have been better off saving some of those story ideas and developing them into their own books later.  For as it was, I kept going, "What now?" and then reading along to see what would happen, only 45 pages later to mutter the same thing.  Now, I know I have been rather disparaging so far, but the book wasn't a total waste of time, there were some elements I liked, but the twists and loops of the story were too distracting for me to give it a higher rating.  And I didn't like the ending as much as I had hoped.  It was nice and all, but I felt it had gone on too long and I was slightly frustrated with the main character for some of her actions.  All in all, I'm not annoyed that I read it, but I will not go around recommending it to people when there are so many better novels out there.

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