Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Book Review #541
Anticraft by Renee Rigdon and Zabet Stewart
Rating: one star (out of four)

I picked up this book because the title made it sound slightly intriguing.  But what I found inside was less then desirable.  Most of the items to "make" in this book were slightly off-color.  I don't understand why you can't be anti-bright color/fluffy bunnies and have to be dark and sketchy with questionable content.  I also found some of the designs to be very disturbing.  There is no need for me to knit something and have people question my mental sanity.  That is definitely not what I am looking for.  Granted, the layout of this book was pretty ingenius, but the content it was centered around was what made its downfall.  I found nothing that I would want to knit/make because I was afraid I would knit it in good faith and it would be something completely different then I thought.  I would not want to go around wearing what I thought was a simple scarf and not know that that one symbol actually meant something Quite different.  I cannot recommend this book, it was dark, parts of it were lame, and the authors were trying too hard to be "uncool."  All around, I think it was a worthy effort, but this book fell short on so many levels.  Don't bother reading.

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