Sunday, January 25, 2009

Book Review #502
Your Own, Sylvia by Stephanie Hemphill
Rating: one star (out of four)

I think the author of this book was attempting to write a moving, poetic tribute to an author she greatly admired.  If only I had seen it as such when I read this book.  The poetry was fairly nice, but I was not impressed with the format of the poems, or who's perspective they were told from.  I also thought that the way they were told was slightly belittling to Sylvia Plath and I was almost deterred from liking her character.  I would have rather read a biography about her that was more straightforward.  I had to stop reading this book after 60 pages because I was getting tired of the story.  I am not sure that I want to read more about Sylvia Plath.  I do not think that I would have agreed with her on things.  If I get around to it, I might read a poem or two, but this book has certainly not instilled in me a desire to read Sylvia Plath.  I would not recommend this book.

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