Monday, January 5, 2009

Book Review #472
Skellig by David Almond
Rating: zero stars (out of four)

The beginning of this book kind of made me feel sick.  I really didn't care for the way that the creature in the garage was described, and I was really glad that I hadn't eaten anything lately, because it really made me ill.  The story was interesting, and I was kind of wondering how it was going to add up at the end, what the point would be.  But I was sadly disappointed.  It didn't tie things together like I thought it should.  I didn't like a couple of the characters because they didn't seem well developed or thought out properly.  I was majorly disappointed with one character, who should have been a really strong person, but wasn't.  I really did not like this book, and I kept thinking that I should probably stop reading and go onto something better.  But each time I just couldn't make myself.  I hate not finishing books, and this book really wasn't very long, so I decided to stick it out.  Unfortunately, it did not redeem itself in the least, it only made me slightly more repulsed and also made it to my list of books that shouldn't be read.  I would not recommend this book.

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