Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book Review #427
The Luxe by Anna Godbersen
Rating: zero stars (out of four)

This book portrays itself as a "historical fiction" novel by being set in the late 1800s.  I was not impressed in the least.  I did not like how the "good" people were portrayed as sleazy and shameless as the rest of society.  And puh-lease, do you expect me to believe that everyone behaved that way?  I thought it was rather perverted the way the author tried to take modern characters and make them seem more romantic by tossing them into a story set 100 years ago.  If they were truly from that century, they would not have the same morals as people from this century.  I did not care for the sleeping around and how it was okay because they "loved" each other and were destined to be together.  I was also highly distained with how some of the characters weren't fully developed and did things that they never would have done if they had been real people.  All in all, while this book may have been partially amusing, it is most definitely not something that I would recommend.  With its sleaziness, occasional language and utter disregard for morals or ethics I would say this was a modern day sketchy teen romance parading around as something unassuming and worthwhile.  Do not read this book.

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