Monday, December 29, 2008

Book Review #422
Tibet by Peter Sis
Rating: zero stars (out of four)

I just cannot understand how Peter Sis keeps getting Caldecotts.  I don't like his illustrations, they aren't extraordinarily amazing or fantastic.  Sometimes I even find them crude or grotesque.  And his stories!  I don't get his stories.  I am most often confused, wondering why he can't just stop trying to be intellectually superior and just write the story.  He brings in elements and then takes them out again, only to bring them back in at the end, like you are supposed to be impressed with his cleverness.   Honestly, I can't see why people like his books, I just can't get them.  It was a real struggle to get through this book, and the only reason I finished it was because it was a Caldecott and I felt like I needed to finish it.  I was hoping that it would redeem itself in the end, but it most certainly did not.  I would not recommend this book at all.  

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