Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Book Review #304
Looking For Alaska by John Green
Rating: zero stars (out of four)

Miles is sent off to a boarding school in Alabama and isn't quite sure what to expect, then he befriends Alaska, a crazy, wild girl who just so happens to be drop-dead gorgeous.  

Being especially wary of this book because I had already attempted to read it in the past, I told myself that maybe I didn't read it with an open mind, after all, it had won the Printz Award.  But to my huge disappointment, I discovered that I had been correct in my previous judgement.  This book was filled with questionable and inappropriate content.  Drinking, swearing, sex, all of these had quite large parts in this novel and I was severally annoyed with how much adult content was in this book, it was total filth.  If this was a movie I have no doubt it would be rated R.  I was not impressed with the characters, they were shallow and underdeveloped.  I never cared for them, I was only wanting them to grow up.  I would never recommend this book.

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