Sunday, August 17, 2008

Book Review #301
An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green
Rating: zero stars (out of four)

Colin has only dated girls who's name is Katherine, not with a C, but spelled with a K.  He has also been dumped by only Katherines', 19 to be precise.  He has just been dumped by K-19 (as he has labeled her) and can hardly stand it.  That is, until he thinks that maybe there is a mathematic formula for dating that can predict who is going to get dumped...suddenly, his life has meaning again.

I found the characters in this novel especially sleazy and pathetic.  I could not bring myself to like them because of the way they acted and how they treated others.  I cannot abide language or profanity that is thrown around in a novel like confetti, landing where it may.  I was very annoyed and sometimes even mad at the amount of swearing that this book used, it was unacceptable.  I don't understand how people could like this book, the character were not worth a dime and I was constantly annoyed by anything that popped out of the best friend's mouth.  The plot was lame and didn't catch my attention at all, I was never wondering what would happen next, I was simply ready for the stupid story to finally end.  I am really not sure why I bothered to finish it in the first place.  Do not read this book, it is a complete waste of time and you will be sorry.  I know John Green gets a lot of adoration, but I really can't see why, all the novels I've read of his are extremely sleazy/have inappropriate content and the characters are unrealistic and unlovable.  I don't think I will ever attempt to read a book of his again.  And I would advise you not to as well.

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