Saturday, July 19, 2008

Book Review #236
1984 by George Orwell
Rating: zero stars (out of four)

I really liked this book...for about the first 30 pages, and then my liking took a sharp turn, in fact, a u-turn.  I was reading it and wondering where it was going and it did not go in any direction I would have liked.  I think for the most part, what was so unsettling about this book was that it was so different then what I had thought it would be like.  So vastly different.  And that really disappointed me.  Plus it's a classic, and you know, you're supposed to like it because it has stood the "test of time," but I just did not like this book.  

The middle really bothered me, I felt like the characters were going nowhere and I couldn't stand having them sitting around thinking their thoughts without anything really happening to them.  The last 100 pages were filled with violence and only made me angry that a novel with such an interesting premise could turn so sour.  

This is definitely an Adult book, it had some themes that I did not care for in the least, being sexual and violent.  I didn't care for Winston Smith, I found him a boring and bland main character who thought too much and when I was reading his thoughts I only got confused because he couldn't seem to think straight.  Julia I did not like at all, I thought that her relationship with Winston was totally stupid and came out of nowhere.  The way that they came in contact was not even believable and I was annoyed at the author for making it so unrealistic. 

When I finally got to the end I was disappointed and annoyed, maybe even angry.  I do not like books that end with something completely different from where you started in the beginning of the novel.  I was slightly confused and irked that the author didn't have the grace to write a better ending.  I felt like I had just wasted all my time reading this book that I had heard so much praise for only to be left in the ditch.  I was not happy.  

I think that my main disappointment though, is that it did not live up to my expectations.  I had expected something along the line of a Utopia society that was more advanced then my YA fantasy novels, something that would give me chills down my spine just thinking about all the ideas they represented in this novel.  And when I read this, I didn't get any chills, I found myself getting more and more disappointed with each page I read.  

I know that the author was trying to get a point across but it seemed like he really lost it somewhere near the first 40 pages and took you for a ride that only ended in disaster.  I would not recommend this book, it was violent, dismal, and ended exactly in a way that made you wish you had spent your time doing something more worthwhile.

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