Friday, June 13, 2008

Book Review #94
Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid by Lemony Snicket
Rating: four stars (out of four)

I knew that I'd enjoy this book (being a rabid Lemony Snicket fan) but I didn't anticipate How much I'd love this book.  Some of the little tidbits of information I already knew and some were truths I now hold dear to my heart.  I laughed almost every other page, and for the pages I didn't laugh I was surprised at how well Lemony Snicket had summed up such a difficult subject like death, into something so simple and yet so accurate.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it. In this book you'll find insight, you'll know what to do when trapped in an elevator, but mostly, you'll laugh and be entertained.

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