Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Book Review #87
Ready Or Not by Meg Cabot
Rating: zero stars (out of four)

I cannot even begin to tell you how shocked and angry I was after reading this book. Meg Cabot has gone down and I don't think she'll be able to earn my respect again. This is a sequel to All American Girl, which I thought was a nice read, if not for a couple flaws that made it a less then desirable book to be recommended.  But this book was nothing like I expected it to be.

There is a spoiler warning here because I will spoil the book's ending, I cannot avoid talking about it because it and all the events leading up to it are the whole reason why I feel so violently about this book.


This book is about Sex. I cannot believe that Meg Cabot could have the gall to write a young adult book about Sex and portray it as a reality when it is a lie. According to this book, if you have Sex with your boy-friend, it won't really change your relationship, it will be pretty much like it was before and you will feel better because you finally Did It.  Even though you had heard all the facts about how Sex will change everything and can emotionally scar you and lead to disease and pregnancy you will still do it anyway.
This book's premise was that if that person you were with right now was "The One" you should be able to sleep with them because you knew that you were going to be together forever. Until that boy gets down on one knee and asks you to marry him, there are absolutely NO guarantees.  How many high school relationships makes it past high school? How many people actually marry their high school sweethearts? The odds of Samantha and David being together for the rest of their lives are pretty slim.  
Further along the road when they've broken up and are seeing other people they will regret giving in to the pressure and giving themselves away to someone whom they didn't even marry. Premarital sex is not something to be taken lightly, studies have shown that people who have had sex before marriage later regret that they didn't wait. 
I also did not like the way that Samantha was allowed to "speak her mind" and use her freedom of speech in mocking the president and even disagreeing with him on National Televsion. For one thing, she would no longer be a teen amassador, not with the way she is behaving, in a rude disrespectful manner, she would be kicked out - and good riddance too! Until Samantha can learn to respect authority she should not be in a place of honor and prestige. 
I was so disappointed in Meg Cabot's portrayal of Samantha Madison, Meg had the chance to redeem herself and let Samantha make the right discision, instead she showed how a "good girl" (who's family and friends had respected and trusted) used their honest intentions and dilberately lied to them to get what she wanted. And worse, she dragged the President's son into it as well by sleeping with him. 
The fact that David went along with it in the first place was a complete breach of his character.  He went from a nice, thoughtful boy to a boy who didn't have any morals and only did what was best to his advantage, without thinking about the future.   Without wondering if maybe what he did to Samantha could potentionally scar her and make her bitter later on in life.  He thought only about himself and his needs by not saying no and giving in to the pressure. 
This book made me so angry!  Meg Cabot has woven this "story" and made it so alluring you cannot help but want to believe it, she shows you how it has to be true because they "love each other" and all the stuff that they've heard has to be untrue because what they've experienced is nothing like it. It is a lie.  Don't fall into this trap of disillusionment, you cannot have sex before marriage and come out unscathed, someone will get hurt and it will be you. 
Think about it: you love him and know that he is the one for you, but after a couple months or maybe even years, will it really last, will you still be together? How will you feel knowing that you gave such a precious part of yourself to him and you can never, ever get that back? How will you feel when the guy you are truly meant to be with asks you to marry him and you have already given your virginity away, instead of saving it for him.


I would NEVER recommend this book to anyone.  It's a book filled with lies and deceit.  Anyone who falls for Meg Cabot's false portrayal will find themselves hurt and betrayed.

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