Thursday, June 19, 2008

Book Review #108
The Golden Fleece by Padraic Colum
Rating: one star (out of four)

This book was pretty interesting, while I did think that the author did a lot of jumping around (e.i. being in one story and having a character start to tell story.  It got confusing) it still kept my interest, which was more then what I had hoped for.  I wasn't sure how tough this book would be to get through, seeing how it had a couple factors that might hinder my liking it, including the fact that it was about mythology.  But it was one of the first Newbery Honors and I felt like I had to read it.  That said, I didn't think it was too bad, it definitely could have been better and I didn't think that it deserved the Newbery Honor, but if you like mythology then you'd probably enjoy this book.

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