Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Book Review #75
All American Girl by Meg Cabot
Rating: three stars (out of four)

Samantha is caught selling celebrity portraits at school and so her mother decides that maybe she needs a creative outlet and signs her up for art classes. Samantha does not want to take art classes, she doesn't think that they would be any use to her, and when she runs it by her older sister's boyfriend, Jack (whom she's secretly in love with) he totally agrees with her.  Samantha decides to just go to the first class and then she'll ditch it, but she finds that it is actually kind of interesting, and that there is also a boy her age.  Then one day (after she has skipped class, and hung out in the CD store upstairs for an hour) she comes out and sees the president walking into a store, but what she also sees is a man with a gun aiming for his head.  Before Samantha can really think about it, she tackles the guy with the gun and saves the president's life.  Samantha, as she sees it, thinks her life is over.

Top Ten Things You Should Know Before You Read This Book:
1. It made me laugh.
2. I was highly amused by the top ten lists littered throughout the book telling the story of what Samantha had gotten herself into.
3. Some parts of the story were slightly unrealistic and made me want to gag.
4. I didn't care for the age different between Samantha and David.
5. I thought that sometimes Samantha got a little ahead of herself and needed to respect authority more.
6. I thought Samantha's sister was a pretty interesting character.
7. I didn't care for Samantha's sister's boyfriend, I thought that he needed to grow up and get over himself, I also couldn't see what her sister was doing hanging around this kind of scum.
8. I thought that the fact that Samantha was "in love" a little unrealistic for someone that young.
9. Overall I enjoyed this book.
10. I'd probably recommend it. 

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