Sunday, May 18, 2008

Book Review #67
Silver On The Tree by Susan Cooper
Rating: two stars (out of four)

The last book in the Dark Is Rising Sequence, Will must combat the Dark with the help of his friends, Merriman, Bran, Simon, Jane and Barney.  It is up to Will, the last of the immortal ones, and guard of the six signs to bring peace to the world by defeating the Dark and restoring the Light's power.

Having already read four other books in this series, I was a little anxious to see how it would all end. While I've thought these books were fairly interesting, I don't think I'd call them one of the best series I've ever read. The last half of this book I pretty much raced through, I wanted to see how it would all be resolved. I wasn't too impressed with how simple the quests seemed to be, or, the way they just glided through them...Bran and Will just seemed to do exactly everything right and I never felt like they were really tested, everything just seemed to fall into place, not very exciting.

S ~ P ~ O ~ I ~ L ~ E ~ R

The ending: why did they have to end it like that? What was the point of all the books where these children completed these quests and defeated the dark and now they are going to go back to living their normal lives and not remember a thing? Except for Will, the Old One, and the only Old One left because everybody else, now that they've completed their task, they're going off to rest in some other place. Now that the Dark has been vanquished, the children are told that they have done their duty that they will never see Merriman again because he has to leave and that they are in charge of making the world a better place now that the Light is gone. I did not like the last page, they are told they won't remember and are left on that hill and they start talking like nothing has ever happened, for in their minds, nothing has, and I just feel so bad that they can't remember I just want to throw the book on the ground, it seems so rude that they can't even remember parts of it, that they aren't allowed, only Will.


I thought this book series was interesting, and although I didn't really care for the characters in the beginning, slowly I grew to like them and was happy for them when they succeeded in their quests. The ending was, however, not what I had expected and for that I was sadly disappointed. I'm pretty sure that not everyone would have such a violent reaction as I did to the ending, but for me, the way it ended kind of defeated the whole purpose of the series. I'm not sure I would recommend this book.  All in all, I thought The Dark Is Rising Sequence to be ok-ay.

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