Saturday, May 10, 2008

Book Review #65
Lock And Key by Sarah Dessen
Rating: two stars (out of four)

Ruby has been living without her mother for the past couple of months now, she only has a few more months until she's 18, so she figured she could pull it off. But social services finds out that her mother has been gone and before Ruby knows it she's living with her sister and her new brother-in-law, Jamie. She goes from poverty to a private high school and designer clothes all in under 24 hours. Ruby doesn't know how she feels living with her older sister, Cora, who abandoned her and went off to college when Ruby was young, but she knows she only has to wait until she's 18 and then she'll be free. After meeting her next door neighbor, Nate, Ruby is more then happy to know that she will be leaving in a few months. Nate is the total opposite of Ruby; popular, rich, and probably the nicest guy you could ever meet. What's worse is that Nate seems to think that Ruby and him are "friends." As Ruby slowly gets used to living with her sister, she grows and realizes there are more definitions of family then they ones she grew up with.

I've come to expect more of a like/dislike relationship with Sarah Dessen's books. This book, however, was somewhere in the middle. I liked the story line, for the most part, and really thought the book was getting somewhere, and then Ruby's relationship with Nate got tangled and took a different path then I would have liked. I also didn't care for Ruby's relationship with her old "boyfriend" and how casual they were about things I would not take so casually. There was a decent amount of drugs in this novel as well, which was annoying. All in all, I would be hard-pressed to recommend this book to my friends, I thought that several aspects of the book were too mature for younger readers too.

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