Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Book Review #59
The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper
Rating: two stars (out of four)

Will Stanton doesn't think that he is anyone special, but that quickly fades on his 11th birthday when he discovers that he is the Sign-Seeker, the last of the immortal Old Ones and that it is his job to find the six signs of the Light.  As Will's powers grow and he starts learning more about the struggle with the Light and the Dark he is thrown into battle that has been fought for centuries.  

This book was darker and had an older main character then the first book in the Dark is Rising Sequence. While the first book had a couple main characters this book only had one, which I liked slightly better. I was surprised to find that the first three characters that you met in the first book were not in this book at all, they weren't even mentioned, which made you wonder if maybe every book in this series was going to have different characters. It was a Newbery Honor book, but I didn't think that it was the best book I have ever read and maybe not even worth the Honor.

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