Monday, April 28, 2008

Book Review #51
Cracking The ACT 2008 Edition by Princeton Review
Rating: four stars (out of four)

While the thought of taking tests doesn't make anyone happy, I know I feel better when I am prepared.  That's where the Princeton Review came in.  Cracking the ACT 2008 Edition was a wonderful source of tips and tricks.  I found myself marveling at all the things I was "getting away with" while taking the test. Oftentimes I wondered if maybe I was reading an illegal book that the library had somehow gotten a hold of accidentally, because the things I were reading could not be something they'd just give to the general public.  With this kind of information there was no way I'd let that Pesky ACT get the better of me!  
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had useful tips that I could remember and act upon when taking the test and they didn't move things so fast that I felt lost and hopeless.  There were even a couple traces of quirky math and english grammar humor thrown in so people could wonder why you were smirking when reading an ACT help book.  If you are taking the ACT anytime soon I'd heartily recommend this book, work through it before you take the test and you will feel confident to do your best.

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