Monday, April 14, 2008

Book Review #44
Body Drama by Nancy Redd
Rating: three stars (out of four)

I saw this book, and I must admit, the title and cover pictures intrigued me. This book had good advice in it, from the practical to the mundane and even a couple hints I didn't know.  Nancy offers suggestions and tells you some of her humorous stories about growing up.  
     Overall I thought this was a really good book, if you are confused about certain parts of your body and want to know what "normal" is then you should definitely read this book.  Nancy points out health pitfalls you can avoid through simple things like diet and exercise and I liked how well she covered all the general stuff as well as the tough stuff, like diseases.  
     I must warn you though, there are Real pictures of body parts in here.  Some pictures are even pretty gross (extreme acne and other unwanted pests) I wouldn't let this book hang out anywhere, if someone else in your family, say your dad or brother were to randomly pick it up and flip through it - they'd probably be in for the shock of their lives!

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