Monday, March 17, 2008

Book Review #5
That Summer by Sarah Dessen
Rating: three stars (out of four)

15-year-old Haven has always thought of the past with fond memories. She continuously retreats to favorite memories, not realizing that they might be jaded from reality. With Haven's father getting remarried and her sister, Ashley's marriage looming in the distant future, something snaps in Haven and she feels like she can't go on. It's only when an unexpected person, Ashley's old boyfriend, Sumner pops back into her life, does she start to think that maybe things will go back to the way they were all those years ago.

A fairly decent book, on the edge of three stars, leaning towards the two. I thought the language was annoying and took away from my liking the book more. I really liked how Haven never saw Sumner as anything more then a friend. And I liked that it was mostly about her struggles and finally finding freedom. It was also a relationship book, between Haven and her sister, Ashley. Read if you are a major Sarah Dessen fan.

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