Sunday, March 30, 2008

Book Review #20
The Queen Of Second Place by Laura Peyton Roberts
Rating: one star (out of four)

Cassie sees herself as the Second Place Queen, it seems no matter how hard she tries, she always manages to land back into that faithful and familiar spot of second place. Cassie doesn't let it bother her though, not until she sees Kevin Matthews walk into her English class. Everything would be perfect, except that Sterling Carter thinks that she is entitled to him. Is Cassie going to let Sterling get her way again?

I really thought this was a funny book for the first two chapters, but then it lost its shine and I felt as if the story wilted. I soon grew tired of the relationship status of jumping from couple to couple and acting as if that were perfectly fine and normal, it just made me mildly irritated. While it didn't have any seriously annoying aspects that you would typically find in a YA book, I didn't think the story line did a good enough job to keep the reader totally hooked.

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