Thursday, March 20, 2008

Book Review #11
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
Rating: two stars (out of four)

You'd think the life of a model would be perfect and hassle-free, but Annabel's life is anything but perfect. It's the fall of her junior year and even though in all the adds it looks like she's got it all, Annabel feels like her life is just falling apart. Between her former best friends vicious rumors and her sister's sickness at home, Annabel just doesn't know how to cope. It's not until she meets Owen Armstrong, the super tall, music obsessed loner, that Annabel starts to see thinks in a different light.

I really loved the first half of the book and was ready to just give it 5 stars and be happy, but somewhere around the middle it switched. There was a decent amount of language - enough to be irksome and then some. The scene where Annabel relives her past was also very intesne and made me uncomfortable. You don't have to go into all that much detail, a simple phrase or two would have worked. I would have loved the book if it had ended in the middle, but as it did not, I am going to have a hard time recommending Just Listen to my friends.

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